Why do I post articles so often?

Koon yew yin 1 May 2021

I am 88 years old. During my long-life time, I have learned many useful lessons which I like to share with you. I often write about politics, about life improvement and about investment in the stock market to help people.

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My scholarships offer

Since I have more money than I require, I have recently selected 110 poor students for my scholarships so that they can complete tertiary education. Almost all of their parents have lost their jobs due to Covid 19 pandemic. Some of their parents have passed away or divorced. My only condition is that all my scholarship recipients must remember that when they were poor, I helped them and when they have graduated and have some spare money, they should help other poor students. By this way I hope I can create more and more charity workers. It is similar to investment in the stock market. 

Why do I post articles on politics?

I published my first book namely Malaysia: Road Map to Vision 2020 which has 380 pages in 2009. Recently, I wrote my second book, namely New Road Map to A Developed Nation which was launched by Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim. It is only 50 pages long and you can read it within 2 hours. I hope more people especially politicians will read and practice what I preached so that Malaysia can become a Developed Nation. 

At one time Malaysia was the largest producer of tin, rubber and palm oil. Moreover, we have petroleum. Yet we could not become a Developed Nation. Our neighbour Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea became Developed Nations. They do not even have timber to build their houses. How could they be classified as Developed Nations so quickly? 

Managing a country is like managing thousands of various kinds of business operations. Good management produces good result and bad management produces bad result. 

About 2 years ago, I wrote an article about our civil service with good intention. I said that we have the most civil servants per capita in the world. We have 1.6 million civil servants for a population of 32 million; 1 civil servant for every 20 citizens. Almost all our civil servants are Malays.  

Tan Sri Muhyiddin who was the Home Minister then ordered for my arrest. He ordered a special branch Police Officer to grill me for 2.5 hours at Jelapang Police Station for my criticism of our Malaysian Civil Service. I told him what I have been preaching so that Malaysia can become a Developed Nation. Fortunately, he did not arrest me. 

My last article on politics is “Who will be our next Prime Minister?” If you are interested to read it, you can find it on i3investor.com or my own blog: koonyewyin.com. 

Corruption is our biggest culprit. If you Google “rich politicians” you can see this rich Malaysian politician.  

Why do I post articles on life improvement? 

This morning I posted my article namely “You should teach children these 10 lessons. I am very happy to know that many of my readers like my article. You can find it on i3investors.com or my own blog: koonyewyin.com.  

I consider one of my best articles is “Happiness is our ultimate aim in life” which can be found from i3investors.com or my blog: koonyewyin.com. 

Why do I post articles about investment in the stock market?

Based on good fundamentals such as up trending, good profit growth prospect, good type of business and selling at single digit PE, I have posted recently articles on Alcom, LB Aluminium, Lean Fuat, MNRD, KPS, MMC and Dominant. Most likely all of them will report increased profit in the next few quarters.

My critics 

Unfortunately, there are few senseless critics, hiding behind some fictitious names mistook my honest intention. They often said that whenever I recommend buy, they must sell and when I recommend sell, they must buy. Since I recommended buy for Alcom, LB Aluminium, Lean Fuat, MNRD, KPS, MMC and Dominant, they should quickly sell. Only time can tell who is right and who is wrong.      

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