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I notice all my critics disappeared from the i3investor forum recently because they realised no readers really care for their nonsensical stupid comments. Another reason is that all my critics said that whenever I promote any share, it is time to sell to spite me. They would have sold all their shares and are crying and leaking their wounds. All their senseless comments will only hurt themselves.

If they kept running me down, it did not mean readers would think well of them. They have to remember most readers are smart people. They cannot hide behind under some fancy names to write senseless comments. If all my critics are really so smart, they should write articles or fairly long commentaries for readers to comment. Really smart investors would write something like these below:

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PureBULL . > Apr 7, 2018 04:47 AM | Report Abuse

HY Show returns …GAME begins …

Credit must be given to uncle KYY. He really waited, spotted n acted at a best bottom at Right Timing when even the most bullish sifu in hy also gave up by cutting losses. He’s truly the only mkt mover now in KLSE.

hy a Glossly n grossly over sold stock never seen b4.
With the return of Smart Money of KYY n his timely public announcement, the whole mkt forces acted upon it.
I believe 100% of all stockists in the country were attracted into the most juicy Game, hence the huge vol was done yesterday.

What John said is right, I do not have so much money to buy up most of shares traded in the last 2 days to push the share price so much. As I said before, I was only partially responsible for the rapid rise in price.

What PureBull said is also right. I chose the right time, the pivoting point of a trend reversal, to start buying. According to expert chartist, he will not buy now. He will only buy when the price passes the 70 day moving average at probably at Rm 10. Eventually investors who are willing to take the risk to buy as soon as they see the trend reversal will make more money.

On 5 April when posted my article “Hengyuan-investors overreacted” to tell the public that I was starting to buy Hengyuan at Rm 6.15, many smart investors and Fund Managers followed me to buy. The total volume changed hands was 5.3 million shares with a price gain of 72 sens. Assuming the average traded price was Rm 6.60, the total value for 5.3 million shares would be Rm 35 million. I definitely do not have so much of free cash to buy 5.3 million shares. I might have bought about 2 million shares. As I said I was only partially responsible for the rapid price rise. I will continue to buy on Monday.

Yesterday, 6 April when I posted my article “Hengyuan- why I suddenly buy back”, the total volume changed hands was 10.3 million shares.

Only cash rich Funds could buy so much shares so aggressively to push the price up by Rm 1.45 per share.

Based on the unusually huge volume and price increase, I believe the price will continue to go higher.

From my long experience, I can feel the under-ground movement because I have seen similar scenario before. I looked closely at the last 30 minutes transaction before the price fixing at 4.40 PM, the price shot up from Rm 1.00 to Rm 1.45 with huge volume. That means the rich Fund Managers wanted to buy more and more because they believe they will have to buy at a higher price on Monday.

I advise those who have followed me to buy not to sell so quickly because I will continue to buy on Monday. You must remember it has a long way to go back to Rm 18 per share.

Remember what I said in my previous article quote “ I cannot find another good respectable company share selling at such ridiculously low P/E. I strongly believe the company will start making increasing profit next year and 1 year is not too long to wait. I will buy and wait.

As I said, 3 months ago the price was Rm 18, if I buy it at around Rm 6.??, I can afford to wait 1,2 or even 3 years for it to recover back to Rm 18. Even if it takes 3 years, I will get about 300% in 3 years. What is wrong with about 100% return per year? “

Good luck! Luck is when opportunity meets preparation. Are you smart and prepared to take the advantage of the opportunity? I will continue to buy on Monday.



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