Commentators lost their way

I have been reading almost all the commentaries on i3investor forum, especially on my favourite counters which are JAKS, Eversndai and Hengyuan. Most of the commentators are writing senseless rubbish. They have nothing good to write and look like they have lost their way. If they are really smart they should write articles or fairly long commentaries and post them for readers to comment.

There is an old Chinese saying quote “If you don’t have anything intelligent or something good to say, just shut up, no one will know that you are dump and deft because when you open your mouth, people will know how dump and stupid you really are”.

In the stock market, almost all day-traders lose money because they buy and sell too often. They make less money than the cost for transaction and government stamp duty. As a result, they lose money.

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Most of the short-term investors also lose money because they have no time to read and research. They believe in rumours and are too eager to place their bet. Usually rumours do not come true. As a result, they also lose money.

All punters act like they are betting on horses in the race tract. They believe in hopes and dreams. They believe the race guide and what the horse trainers and jockeys say.

My horse racing experience: Let me tell my experience in betting on horses in the race tract. About 50 years ago, my 2 business partners and I bought a race horse and we name the horse Betalou. We engaged the best trainer and jockey to make sure that we could make money. Horses perform better on certain weather conditions. Some horses can run faster on wet and soft ground while other horses can run faster on dry and hard ground.

To be able to make money, the horse owners must know their own horse whether their horse can run faster on soft or hard ground.

In our case, our horse could run faster on soft tract and when to let the horse run so that the horse could win the race. To make the most money we must also know which race had the most pool money. It was Gold Cup race when most people placed their bets. We asked our horse trainer and jockey if we should bet on our horse. They said we should not bet on our own horse but bet on another horse because our trainer had instructed our jockey to pull our horse to reduce the speed to let the other horse win. So, we believe our horse trainer and did not bet on our own horse but placed bet on the other horse.

As soon as the gate opened, our jockey started whipping and kicking the horse and our horse was leading all the way to win the race.

I will not forget this lesson.

Just like in the stock market, we must know whom we can trust. As far as I know I can trust Mr Ooi Teik Bee because he openly writes to tell every body what he is buying or selling. That is why I gave him more than Rm 10 million to invest for me.

Another person is KYY because I also like OTB, I openly write to tell you what I am buying or selling. As an English saying: I put money where my mouth is. I openly declare I have bought a lot of JAKS, Eversendai and Hengyuan.

I am a long-term investor and I don’t buy and sell so often. Record shows that long-term investors make the most money. The reasons are that they have good foresight and patience which are the keys to successful investing. They can afford to wait patiently to buy or sell and they are not afraid to buy some more shares whenever the prices drop during correction.

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