Hengyuan-what should I do next?

Many people have asked me what they should do today.

In the last 3 trading days, the price of Hengyuan gained 72 sen, Rm 1.45, and 71 sen respectively, totalling Rm 2.88. The price jumped from 6.15 to close at Rm 9.03.

I have openly posted articles to tell everybody that after I was forced by the Authorities to sell all my Hengyuan, fortunately at much higher prices, because I am a strong financial supporter of the opposition political parties, I started to buy back Hengyuan when it hit the rock bottom, Rm 6.15. I told everybody that I had been buying in the last 3 trading days.

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If you look at my favour stupid critic calvintanemg’s comment below you can see that he has sold all his Hengyuan and Xinguan to me. My average price for Xinguan is about 10 sen and I was willing to take the risk of buying more than 50 million Xinguan shares at 4.5 sen on the day just before the company was suspended.

In the last 3 trading days, whenever I posted article to tell everybody that I was buying Hengyuan, calvin would have sold his Hengyuan to spite or to hurt me. Ha! Ha! Ha! I am badly hurt and laughing all my way to my bank. I have never made so much money within 3 days in my entire 85 years old life.

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Hi guys

See the many Red Flags for Hengyuan

Neglect to your peril!


As I said before that I was only partially responsible for its rapid price rise. The share price of Hengyuan often fluctuate quite wildly. It can go up and down by Rm 1.00 within one hour. This is a rare opportunity for day traders to make easy money.

The average volume changed hands in the last 3 trading days was about 10 million shares per day. Only rich Funds have so much money to buy so aggressively.

Many people have asked me, what they should do. Today I will trade. I will sell when the price goes up and buy back when the price come down.

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