My speech in Telok Intan

DAP leader Nga Kor Ming invited me to talk at his ceramah in Telok Intan last night. He is fighting Gerakan President Mah Siew Keong who is currently the Minister in the Primary & Plantation Industries in the BN Government, for the parliamentary seat in Telok Intan.

Nga Kor Ning is afraid of millionaire Mah Siew Keong because he is spending huge sum of money to canvass for votes. On my way here, I just saw Mah Siew Keong holding his ceramah in Poh Loong Restaurant with dinner provided to all the attendees.

Based on the huge number of attendees present here and the small number in Poh Loong Restaurant, I believe Nga Kor Ming will win. Now the people of Telok Intan are smarter and they know who a better Minister will be.

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I remember I came to Telok Intan to speak to support Dyana Sofia during the last GE13. Unfortunately, she lost by 238 Votes. At that time most of the people in Telok Intan wanted to support Mah Siew Keong because they were afraid to lose the Gerakan President who would be a Minister if they did not vote for him.

But this time is completely different. Pakatan Harapan has 4 component parties, namely Parti Prebumi, Parti Keadilan, Parti Amamnah and DAP. The current Government has more than 20 ministries. If Pakatan Harapan wins control of the Government, Tun Dr Mahathir will be the Prime Minster and DAP is most likely be given one quarter of the total Ministeral posts, that will be 5 or 6.

In fact, Tun Dr Mahathir has assured Nga Kor Ming that he will be appointed a minister in the new Government. Nga Kor Ming has chosen to be the Minister of Housing and Local Government if Pakatan Harapan wins in the coming GE14.

What did Mah Siew Keong do in the last 4 or 5 years?

He is like a blind man as he cannot see all the wrong doings of Najib including the billions of Ringgit he has stolen from all of us. Moreover, he is also dumb because he cannot speak out against his big boss Najib. He also did not vote against GST bill and all the oppressive law such as SOSMA which allowed for detention without trial.

I trust the people of Telok Intan will vote for Nga Kor Ming.


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