Why we must change the Government

All Malaysians must read these 10 commandments before they cast their votes tomorrow. The 10 reasons why we must change the Government are:

  1. The BN Government has been ruling the country for 61 years, since the British gave us independence in 1957. The Government has become too complacent, inefficient, arrogant, autocratic, not democratic, and corrupt. That is why we are still not a developed Nation.
  2. Our Prime Minister, Najib is notoriously corrupt and the whole world knows that. Yet, our police and our anti-corruption agency do not investigate and charge him in court. Tun Dr Mahathir has openly said that Najib has stolen RM 2.6 billion from the Rakyat. Why didn’t Najib sue Dr Mahathir?
  3. If Pakatan Harapan wins in the coming GE14, the new government will investigate and charge him in court. If he is found guilty he will be put in jail. Rosmah must explain how she can afford to spend millions of Ringgit on hand bags and jewelleries. If the court finds her guilty, she will also go to jail.
  4. If PH wins, we will have created a 2-party system of government, namely BN and PH. The 2 parties will have to compete for our votes in every 4 or 5 years in a general election. Then the citizens will become the king makers. We can demand for our rights as citizens. We will vote for the party which has the better policy to serve the people. We must remember, the elected politicians are our servants because we pay their salaries.
  5. PH is a coalition of 4 parties, namely Parti Prebumi, Parti Keadilan, Pati Amanah and DAP. With the exception of DAP all the other 3 parties are Malay controlled. Don’t be afraid of a riot because there will be more Malays in control of the new government. If there is a riot, the Malays will have more to lose because they are much richer now than they were in 1969, the previous riot.
  6. PH has pledged to reform the system of government. PH will repeal all the outdated and oppressive acts such as seditious act by which you can be arrested without trial for a long time.
  7. PH will liberate the freedom of the press so that they can freely criticise the government or any politician for any wrong doing.
  8. PH will change the education act. Currently, almost all the government sponsored university places are reserved for the Malays. They do not practice meritocracy.
  9. PH will reform the National Security act. Currently, non-Malays are not accepted in the government civil service, police and arm forces. How can the non-Malays feel secured?
  10. PH has pledged that the Prime Minister can only serve 2 terms. This is an important factor for improving the efficiency of the government.

After you have read this, you must circulate it to all your contacts so that they can circulate it to all their contacts. This change reaction will win more votes to change the government. We can create history.

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