Jaks is on cheap sale

From the company announcement, you can see that my wife and I have bought more than 150 million Jaks with margin loan. Due to the depressed property market and the bad publicity of the legal battle with Star, many shareholders are dumping their shares. When the price plunged, we have to sell to meet margin call which is a vicious cycle. Forced selling will depress the price lower which will create more forced selling until more buyers come forward to support the price.

I was too bullish and bought too many Jaks. It is like I drank too much XO brandy until I vomit. It is not that XO or Jaks is not good, but I had too much of the good thing.

I am ashamed to admit my mistake. This is my worst mistake in share investing in my life. I must remember this mistake and learn from my mistake.

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As you know, there is always some risk in buying any share. I was so bullish because I thought I could make money as I did in Latitude, Lii Hen and VS Industry, all of which had gone up a few hundred percent within 2.5 years.

My main reason for buying Jaks is its 1,200 MW power plant, generating electricity for the Vietnamese Government. I was so sure that the consortium of 3 Chinese national banks would have examined the power purchase agreement thoroughly before they would finance Rm 7.76 billion for the project. It is like the banks are guaranteeing profit for Jaks.

All smart investors should be able to see that the price has been plunging in the last 3 months and take advantage of this cheap sale to buy.

Cheap sale is quite rare and you are lucky. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.




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