Why do people criticize and put other people down?

After I posted my article “Jaks is on cheap sale” on, in which I admitted my mistake in borrowing too much money to buy. I notice that most of the commentators on Jaks are being branded as abuse and often deleted by Editor.

Why do some people criticize and put people down?

Of course, it is quite acceptable that a person criticises someone else in order to let him avoid a certain mistake in the future. For example, a boss can criticize an employee when he makes a mistake or a parent can criticize his child for the same reason. Sometimes, a good and sincere friend would criticise me for my mistake. But he did it in a polite manner. In fact, all my sincere friends do not judge me.

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But why do some people seem to criticize and put others down for no apparent reason?

I notice most of the critics on i3investor like to criticise and put others down so that they want people to think that they are so clever and successful. These critics are most likely poor and very egoistic. Most likely they are little day traders and statistics shows that most day traders lose money due truncation cost. But they want people to think they are really successful. They just want to put you down in order to steal a quick victory.

How to deal with people who criticize and put you down

The best way is not to respond. Silence can be annoying and disappointing to the critics. That is why I very seldom respond. These critics are jealous of my success, achievement and popularity.

If the person’s intention were really bad and if he criticized you just to feel good then he will certainly keep doing it over and over. But if I do not respond he would feel annoyed and disappointed.

When I first started posting articles on i3investor, I saw so many senseless critics and I complained to the Editor. That is why the Editor created a special column for my articles and no one can comment.

My intention in posting so frequently is noble and mean well. I am old and fairly wealthy. I like to share my accumulated knowledge with readers.

I wish to take this opportunity to inform you that the Perak State Government has appointed me as one of the 7 members of the Advisory Council. You can see that I have posted 2 articles, namely “How to improve Perak’s economy and The importance of Start-up companies”.

I hope all my critics will read this article and learn to be better persons.

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