Carimin: waiting for correction strategy  

As I said many a time before, no stock can go up or come down for whatever reason. After some time, its share price must correct. Investors will sell if the price has gone up too rapidly or investors will buy if the price has dropped too much.

So, waiting to buy or sell during correction is a good strategy. But in this case of Carimin, there were a few corrections and the corrections were so small. As a result, many people waiting to buy are disappointed.

In my previous article namely Carimin-is doing what business, I said that just based on its 1st Q EPS of 5 sen, I have projected the company will most likely report 4 X 5 = 20 sen EPS and its share price can be selling at Rm 2.00, equal to P/E 10.

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Many people have been asking me this million Ringgit question: am I not too optimistic?

If you look at the above price chart, you will see that on 29th Jan the price shot up from 60.5 sen to 72 sen, an increase of 11.5 sen, 19% increase in 1 day and I remember that the total volume changed hands was more than 20 million shares.

I believe the big buyers who were not afraid to buy so aggressively, must have inside information that the Q2 EPS is 5 or more sen.

You must remember many people are involved in the calculation of the profit or EPS, such as the company directors, accountants, book keepers, clerks etc. As a result, many people already knew the 2Q EPS and likely they would have leaked out the information to their friends and relatives.

Most likely the big buyers are friends or relatives of the people who are involved in the preparation of the accounts.

Many successful and clever investors are willing to take the calculated risk to buy some more shares at the current price level. They do not think my projection is too far-fetched.

I am obliged to tell you that I am an interested party and I am not asking readers to buy to support the price to help me. I do not need your help because the daily traded volume is usually more than 10 million shares and it does not matter if you buy or sell.


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