Quality of i3investor’s commentators

I have been posting numerous useful articles on i3investor and I have read most of the comments. I am shocked to see that almost all the comments are senseless rubbish and some of them are insulting.

Let me use a metaphor of an orange. When you squeeze an orange, you will get orange juice. You cannot get apple juice because orange has only orange juice and it has no apple juice. No matter how many times you squeeze it, you will still get orange juice. Why? Because an orange has only orange juice. No matter how many times you squeeze it, you will still get orange juice.

Let me extend the metaphor to you when someone squeezes you. Very often someone says something insulting or offensive and out of you comes out anger, fear, stress, anxiety, tension and bitterness. Because you have all these inside you. You can immediately say something offensive to fuck him up. It depends on how you react. A better way is to ignore it or react with kindness.

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The only reason for me to post so many articles is because I have accumulated so much of useful knowledge to share with you. For example, I recently posted buy recommendation on Carimin.

As Carimin is my major investment, I am obliged to tell you that I do not need readers to buy to support the price because the daily traded volume exceeds 10 million shares. My purpose for writing this article is to provide more information to help investors make their investment decision.

Unfortunately, many readers misunderstand my good intention. There is an old Chinese saying “if you have nothing good to say, just shut up because people will not know that you are really dumb”. 

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