Why US wants to stop Huawei 5G technology?


After my publication of my article “Why Huawei’s 5G technology is seen as a threat by US” which you can see if you click the link below, I found more information for you.      


4G belongs to United States’ AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint.

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All the countries in the world pay more than *10,000 trillion yuan* in copyright fees to the four companies in the United States. China’s 4G pays US$100 million in annual copyright fees to US companies. If the countries around the world switch to Huawei 5G, the United States will lose more than 10,000 billion yuan of foreign exchange each year, which is set at 20% of the annual GDP of the United States.

Therefore, the United States will not allow 5G in the world.

The United States will destroy Huawei to protect the interests of the United States; i.e. stopping the loss of at least 20% of USA’s GDP

Economic Benefits of America’s 4G Wireless Leadership

Growing the Economy: US leadership in 4G accounted for nearly $100 billion of the increase in annual GDP by 2016 as the trajectory of the wireless industry’s contribution to US GDP shifted from a projected $350.3 billion in 2016 to a realized $445.0 billion.

Creating Jobs: The launch of 4G in the US increased total wireless-related jobs by 84% from 2011 to 2014.

Increasing Domestic Revenues: US 4G leadership also meant roughly $125 billion in revenue to American companies that could have gone elsewhere if the US hadn’t seized 4G leadership. US 4G leadership also resulted in more than $40 billion in additional app store revenue flowing to US companies and app developers.

Ms Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s chief financial officer, a daughter of the founder, was detained in Vancouver on Dec 1, while on transit.

Canada’s Ministry of Justice said in a statement that the US is seeking her extradition.

Countries the United States Has Sanctions and Embargoes Against

  • The US issued sanctions and embargoes against Iran in 1979 after a group of radical students attacked the US embassy in Tehran. …
  • North Korea. The US and North Korea have non-existent diplomatic relations that were worsened by the Cold War and the Korean War. …
  • Syria..
  • Sudan..
  • Cuba.


US is a big bully. Since it cannot compete on a level playing field, it resorts gangsterism.



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