Cemetery is the richest land in the world

After I read one of the most meaningful articles in the book called “Die Empty” by Todd Henry, I am using some of the ideas to write this piece.

“Where is the richest land in the world?”

Some readers would say: “Oil-rich Gulf states.”

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Others would say: “Diamond mines in Africa.”

No, it is the cemetery. It is the richest land in the world, because millions of people have died and they carry many valuable ideas that did not come out of the light to benefite others. They are all buried in the cemetery.

Todd Henry wrote his wonderful book “Die empty.” Where he did his best to motivate people to pour out their ideas and potential energies in their communities and turn them into something useful before it is too late.

The most beautiful of what he said in his book is that: “Do not go to your grave and you carry inside you the best that you have; always choose to die empty.”

Die empty is a new expression and unique in its own way because at first glance you will think it is normal.

But I was surprised to know the true meaning of this new expression.

It is to die empty of all the goodness that is within you. Deliver it all before you leave this world.

If you have an idea, perform it.

If you have special knowledge, give it out.

If you have a goal, achieve it.

Love, share and distribute; do not keep it inside.

Do not keep the goodness inside of you, and die full of ideas and be a delicious meal for the earthworms in the grave.

Most of us live with the stubborn idea that we will always have tomorrow. But sooner or later all of our tomorrows will run out.

Now I understand the meaning of the words of all the Holy Books, “If the Final Hour comes upon one of you while he has in his hand a sapling, then let him plant it.”

How can we plant a plant when we have reached our last day?

Yes, God wants us to die empty. To live every day like it is the last day. To give the maximum energy to all that we have, and when we work on something, we do it in the best way. When we create something, it should be spectacular.

We should be inspiring, happy, optimistic, and always seek to be empty until our souls rise up to the sky.

Are you empty?

I think we all weigh thousands of tons of goodness, creativity, love and hope that we can give out. We have not given all of it, except a little.

I wish that we start the race to give and remove every atom of goodness inside us. We should learn how to find and sustain our passion and generosity, even in tough times.

You must always remember that when you die, you cannot take any of your money with you.

After you have read the above, you can understand why I have been giving out scholarships to help poor students to complete their tertiary education and writing and publishing my articles so frequently. 


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