Investors’ ego is the mostcommon mistake

Koon Yew Yin 5 July 2020

I posted my previous article namely “Investors Guidelines” which can help investors to select good growth stocks to make more profit. Now I wish to point out the most common mistake of investors. 

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The current Covid 19 pandemic is affecting almost all the 1,100 listed companies with the exception of medical gloves and other medical products for the prevention of the virus. As a result, most investors are losing money and unfortunately many of them refused to admit their mistakes to sell to cut loss. They are too egoistic to admit their mistakes. 

When to sell

Investors must sell their holdings as soon they see the company reported reduced profit so that they can use the sale proceeds to buy better stocks. If they delay in selling the price will continue to drop which is being reflected on its price chart. To know when to sell is more important than when to buy. You can buy at high price to sell at higher prices. 

Investors must remember price chart and the company’s report cannot lie. 

Statistics shows that there are more losers than winners in the stock market. 

All investors must check each of their holdings to see whether the company has reported increased profit in the latest quarter and whether the price chart is showing a down trend. Investors must sell as soon as they see the company has reported reduced profit so that they have funds to buy better stocks. If the company has already reported reduced profit, investors must not hope for the company to make more money in the next quarter. Remember there are 1,100 listed shares for investors to select. 

I believe most investors know how to select good shares based on good fundamentals and how to read price chart. But to be able to make money, all investorsmust be able to control their emotion of ego, greed andfear. 

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