Nitrile Glove price increased by 260% in UK

Koon Yew Yin 8 July 2020

My nephew from Manchester UK just sent me these 2 photos which show that the old price before the Covid19 pandemic was 5.83 pounds for a box of 100 nitrile gloves and the current price is 14.99 pounds for a box of 100 nitrile gloves, an increase of 260%. 

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Due to Covid 19 pandemic, the demand for glove far exceeds supply. As a result, the glove price has been shooting higher and higher and all the glove

manufacturers are making unprecedented profit which is being reflected on their share prices. 

Investors should know that all the price increase will be accounted as pure profit because the company does not require additional production cost. 

Glove makers which have their own sale outlets would be able to increase their selling prices more easily. I know Supermax has its own sale outlets in USA, UK and many other countries.    

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