Impulsive Investors are losers

Koon Yew Yin 26 March 2021

As you know, I have posted several articles namely KPS, Dominant, MNRB, OSK etc on i3investors.com. When I posted my buy recommendations, they were really underrated. Their prices were much cheaper than they really deserved. 

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As soon as the impulsive investors saw my articles, they rushed in to buy so aggressively to push the prices to limit up. Unfortunately, these peak prices are unsustainable. No stock can continue to go up for whatever reason. After some time, many clever investors would sell to take profit and stupid investors would continue to buy. They even dare to buy with margin finance. 

Currently, KPS, Dominant and MNRB have dropped to almost the price levels as when I posted my buy recommendation articles. 

In the last few days, I can see many impulsive and stupid investors on i3invstors forum hiding behind pseudonyms such as maggiemee, greedy44444, Diamond7, Johnzhang and mach10, crying and are forced to sell to meet margin calls. They were so stupid to buy at the peak prices with margin finance. While they are leaking their wounds, they should never forget this expansive lesson. They must remember I did not point a gun to force they to buy at the peak prices. When I posted my article, their prices were really underrated. 

Remember patience is the key to successful investing. Don’t be impulsive.         

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