Glove stocks comparison

Koon Yew Yin 18 Sept 2020

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Name          Price    Q ending month, EPS    Q on Q   Y on Y 

Supermax Rm 7.72      June       15.29    462%     2,552%   

Top Glove  Rm 7.79        Aug       15.59     271%     1,514%  

Kossan      Rm 12.00     June       10.2    102%       134% 

Hartalega.  Rm 14.10     June        6.49     90%        134%  

1 is the best stock to buy. 4 is the worst stock to buy. 

Supermax has the best profit growth rate because it has its own brand and selling outlets in all the major cities in US and in many other major cities around the world. As a result, it can easily increase its selling prices for its gloves. Moreover, it is selling at the cheapest price. Unfortunately, it is overshadowed by Top Glove’s publicity. 

Its profit for the last quarter ending June was already incredible. Its profit for the next quarter ending Sept will be announced in about a month which should be the best in the company history.    

Rank 4 Hartalega has the worst profit growth rate and it is selling at the highest price. 

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