US will require more gloves

Koon Yew Yin 19 Nov 2020 

Joe Biden’s top priority

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Although Joe Biden won the general election, Trump refused to concede. It is so embracing. The whole world especially China is laughing at such a ridiculous situation. Sooner or later Joe Biden will be the new President and his first priority will be to implement all the proven methods of stopping the spread of the coronavirus which Trump failed to do. 

He will use his executive power to expedite the approval of a vaccine which will do the magic trick of stopping the spread of the virus. Vaccines reduce the risks of getting a disease by working with your body’s natural defences to build protection. When you get a vaccine, your immune system responds. Pfizer and BioNTech today provided an update on the previously announced success of their COVID-19 vaccine. The U.S. pharma giant and its German biotech partner now report 95% efficacy for their vaccine candidate, drawing on the final analysis of a 43,000-person study. 

Currently US has 11.7 million Covid 19 cases and 254,370 deaths. The number of new cases and deaths are still spiking as shown on the chart below. 

Many Scientists believe to be effective in stopping the spread of the virus, at least 70% of the population of the world are required to be vaccinated. It will take a long time to produce so much of vaccines. 

In fact, to vaccinate so many people, a lot more medical workers will be required and all of them have to wear medical gloves to do the injections

as shown on the photo below. As a result, the demand for medical gloves should continue to increase.

The photo below shows a medical worker wearing gloves to inject vaccine.  

Contact Tracing

To be more effective in stopping the spread of the virus, besides vaccination the new US administration must do more contact tracing. Contact tracing is an effective public health measure for the control of COVID-19. The prompt identification and management of the contacts of COVID-19 cases makes it possible to rapidly identify secondary cases that may arise after transmission from the primary cases. 

This will enable the interruption of further onward transmission. Contact tracing, in conjunction with robust testing and surveillance systems, is central to control strategies during de-escalation. Contact tracing has been a key part of the response in several Asian countries that have successfully reduced case numbers.    

All medical staff must wear gloves to do contact tracing as shown on the photo below. 

The daily number of new Covid 19 cases is increasing in almost all the countries in the world. Many scientists predicted that the pandemic will take at least one or more years to be under control despite the discovery of vaccines. The demand for medical gloves will continue to exceeds supply. As a result, all the glove makers will continue to increase their selling prices for their gloves to make more and more money. 

All investors must not miss this golden opportunity to make more profit from glove stocks. I trust this article will help investors make good investing decision. 

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